Kamome’s kitchen philosophy

At Ravintola Kamome, we serve fresh and flavorful food
made by hand, using seasonal products from around the region.

When Mr. Ogawa took over the restaurant in 2015,
he decided to call it Ravintola Kamome
and bring it back to more of a restaurant than a café,
with new a design and an updated menu.

Together with his friend, Michelin-star chef Gerald Zogbaum,
Mr. Ogawa quickly realized that the kitchen should transform
the best, natural, locally-sourced ingredients into beautiful,
exclusively handcrafted and delicious dishes.

They traveled throughout Finland and Estonia,
visiting producers, farmers, gardeners, fishermen and butchers,
to find the best products for Kamome and its guests.
Gradually, they built up a special network of suppliers
and partners who provide Kamome with its quality ingredients.

These gorgeous products, such as salmon and other fish,
potatoes, vegetables and herbs, are prepared at Kamome with
great simplicity and high craftsmanship. The ingredients,
enhanced by the chefs, are the heart of each dish.

Our inspiration comes both from the rhythms of nature and
from the Finnish-Nordic and Japanese culinary traditions.
The philosophy of Japanese cuisine, “Washoku,”
centers on the ideas that less is more and
that the focus is on the essentials:
the beauty of the ingredients and their original flavor.

Months were spent fermenting, baking, smoking, and grilling
to create a cuisine of freshness, rich tastes and naturalness.
In this kitchen, everything – from our bread to our ice creams,
our stocks and bases, our edible souvenirs and, of course,
our cinnamon rolls – is handmade with great craftsmanship.
It goes without saying that we use no imitation flavor enhancers,
preservatives or other artificial ingredients.

You can look forward to salmon that is liquid-cured, dried
and rubbed with spices, then smoked over cherry wood at 60°c,
and finally served lukewarm with a beautiful potato salad.
Or to pork belly, rubbed with butter and katsuobushi flakes,
slowly cooked over 2 days in a broth of smoked pork ribs,
served with wonderful vegetables in a Finnish cast iron pot.
Or to our novel ice cream, made fresh from Geisha chocolate,
accompanying a warm hazelnut cake.

Of course, the list is not complete without our Japanese delicacies,
such as mackerel in miso (Saba no miso), small sardines braised
in sweet soy sauce, or pickled Baltic herring
in spicy sweet and sour sauce…

It will be our pleasure to host you at Ravintola Kamome
and share our delicious food.